Live Electronic World Music

Luminescent Dance Theatre

“A surreal, spiritual and profound experience.”

- Denver Westword

“Don’t miss this culturally enlightening experience!”

- Boulder Weekly

“Musical impresarios and masters of illusion.”

- Denver Westword



Lunar Fire and Fractal Tribe present:

“Home Among the Stars”

3 performances @ Dairy Arts Center Boulder CO

Friday March 20 @ 7:30pm. Sat March 21 @ 1:30pm and @ 7:30pm. Adults $25, Child $15

6.18-21.2020 SONIC BLOOM Hummingbird Ranch CO



11.07.19 LUMINARIA Hemisphere Park San Antonio TX

9.13.19 TRIBAL VISION Festival Taos NM

8.4.19 ARISE MUSIC Festival Loveland CO

6.20.19 SONIC BLOOM Festival Hummingbird Ranch CO

1.19.19 HEARTFIRE Fest BCC Boulder CO


Lunar Fire Tribal Cirque











Let go of all familiarity to enter a world of fantasy, alchemy, dreams & archetypes with Lunar Fire! Luminescent theatrical dance troupe Lunar Fire writes New Myths for Modern Tribes with beautifully choreographed dancers, fire & aerial acrobats, innovative circus arts & all original live electronic world music.

CIRCUS ARTS: Lunar Fire fills Tribal Cirque Dreamscapes with mythic spirit animals, primordial creatures, supernatural and mystic star beings in elaborate costumes who walk on stilts, roll on skates, spin fire, flip, float and fly across the heavens in aerial acrobatic feats that defy gravity. AERIAL SILKS, LYRA, TRAPEZE, HAMMOCKS, ACRO, FIRE, VIDEO

DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY: Upbeat, cinematic music invites you on an ethereal magic carpet ride around the world as Lunar Fire dance choreography dives into global ethnic and urban influences including Brazilian Zouk, Danza Azteca, Indian Temple, Belly, African, Salsa, Lyrical, and Hip Hop. 

MUSIC: Enjoy the Lunar Fire album “Ancient Guides” and new release “Dreamspell” blend of all original EDM, trip hop, Latin, glitch and dub with acoustic world instrumentation, violins, pre Columbian Native flutes and ocarinas, tribal drums, chants, soaring vocals, catchy hooks, a fresh mix of Spanish-English rap and uplifting lyrics meant to inspire and unites the tribes.

HISTORY: Lunar Fire formed in 2002 beside the volcanoes of Lake Atitlan in the Mayan heartland of Guatemala, when legendary rhythm section & dance troupe of tribal rock band Kan’Nal expanded mythic storylines into fully choreographed dance theatre. Growing into a festival favorite with a dedicated following, Lunar Fire tours internationally with a home base in Colorado. Follow them online and around the world, as Lunar Fire brings Tribal Cirque myth magic to a Dream near you.

MISSION: Lunar Fire Collective co-creations involve a multimedia trans-cultural musical spectacle whose aim is to inspire, connect and empower people to create positive change in the world. With a dynamic blend of the arts, Lunar Fire enacts the tales of the ancestors bridging the past and present while foretelling a future in which humankind reaches its fullest potential. Lunar Fire events dedicate a portion of the proceeds to benefit arts, arts education and sustainability projects by women and indigenous people across the globe.

EXPERIENCE: With deep roots in building community, Lunar Fire has helped pioneer events, performing at the very first Envision Festival Costa Rica, Sonic Bloom Festival, Arise Music Fest, Dreamtime and Tribal Vision. Lunar Fire tours across the U.S., Mexico and Central America include festivals such as, Envision, Burning Man, High Sierra, OCF, Faerieworlds, Sonic Bloom, Arise, Desert Rocks, Mystic Hot Springs, Tribal Vision, Beltania, Wisteria, SolFest, Syntonic, Dreamtime, Project Earth and many more. Lunar Fire Dance troupe has performed with multiple producers including Shpongle, Michael Franti, Elephant Revival, Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, Random Rab, Polish Ambassador, Tipper, Bluetech and more.

PRESS:“Musical impresarios and masters of illusion.” Amber Taufen, Denver Westword, “Inspirational.” Best of List, Denver Westword, “Intoxicating.” Paula Jean West, Pagan Travel Examiner, “A surreal, spiritual and profound experience.” Best Collective, Denver Westword, “Don’t miss this culturally enlightening experience!” – Boulder Weekly, “Fantastical… graceful.” Team Backbeat, 6 Must See Acts at Arise Music Festival, “Dancing, dancing and more dancing.” Denver Westword, “A spectacular, earth-shaking performance.” Denver Westword, “Completely blew my mind.” Denver Westword